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mia bella gourmet scented candles

Here we promote the benefits of high-quality gourmet scented candles with a twist, What’s the twist? We also have a distributorship program where you can become a part of our company.

Joining us is very simple and it will give you the opportunity to share with others, how great our products are after you’ve experienced them for yourself, view distributorship details here.

Are these candles any different? Being compared to your standard everyday paraffin candles we blow the competition out of the water as we are strongly against paraffin candles and we try to help raise awareness about the dangers that come with it.

What Are Gourmet Candles Made Out Of?

Our candles are made up of palm wax so it is a natural candle but if a ratio had to be put down on “how” natural they are, it would be 90% and the other 10% would be the high-quality perfumes that are infused into its composition.

Do they smell good? Our candles at scent-sations are triple scented which means that they are designed to have an amazing scent throw that last throughout the whole candle, literally, all the way to the bottom!

I have asthma will this be safe for me to light when I want to relax? Yes, it is, for those with allergies AND asthma, Here’s a real testimony/review from a non-distributor.

We pride ourselves on representing an environmentally friendly candle, I have lit candles before and they left black on the walls of my house, will Mia Bella candles do that also? The simple answer is, NOPE!

I can guarantee this “IF” you maintain your wick, because no matter what candle you are burning if the wick gets too long it will cause it to smoke! In light of the subject, I would like to invite you to check out our Candle Care Instructions page, where we encourage candle safety.

Do Gourmet Scented Candles Leave Soot?

The black stuff that is left on the walls when candles are burnt is called soot which is caused by particles that are not completely burnt off. Scent-Sations have worked on these candles to have an amazingly low amount of soot though soot can still occur when the flame of the candle is disturbed by the wind, for example.

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If you, yourself love scented candles, give our gourmet scented candles a try, and you will also be able to enjoy many other benefits by becoming a distributor yourself, like discounted prices on some high-quality products you’re sure to love.

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Affiliate Disclosure:

I do make a small commission being that I use this website as a platform to drive customers to my scent-team website where you purchase these products and services that I use and recommend through affiliate relationships with Scent-Sations.

Also, before making any purchase you should always rely on your own judgment and I encourage you to do your own due diligence.

The results you get will be entirely based on your own experience and most importantly your preference and what you choose.

There is no guarantee that you will have the same success with any of the products or services recommended also due to personal preference.


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  1. Sammi - www.alittlebitofextrahelp.com

    Your candles look good enough to eat! Especially when they are called Gourmet.. This is an interesting article. As your candles are handmade by yourselves using Palm Wax, do these last longer or shorter in timescale than the usual Paraffin Wax candles? Can they be used as floating candles? Sammi

    1. Post
      sophia kaiwi

      Yes, they really do look good enough to eat and many of the scents make it even more tempting to give it a taste.

      palm tea light

      These candles really do blow the competition when it comes to performance the votives that we carry nearly run for an average of 18 hours and that’s just me burning them straight through without blowing the candle out at all.

      If you make candles and have molds to create them our Mia melts are perfect for melting as these do float in water, I have taken a picture of it floating and I will find a way to post it and if not I’ll find something to write about and will place it there, be sure to stop by and check in to keep posted, thank you for visiting!

  2. Mahmood

    That would be a great product.
    Candle with sweet scent and natural and cause no allergies is a great candle and I really would like to try it.

    This is very beautiful and romantic 🙂 and it isn’t expensive. Some products are only 3$ worth.

    This is my first time to know about this type of candles and I liked it a lot even before trying it and really want to try it out now.

    1. Post
      sophia kaiwi

      This truly is a great product, if you’re looking for candles that have amazing performance with outstanding scent throw, you’re in luck cause you’ve found them here.

      Thank you so much, they truly are sold for a great price especially with the quality that you receive in these products please browse around our products and give them a try, you’ll be sure to want to come back and stock up on these quality products after you do.

      These really are candles in a category of their own not many have heard of the brand but when I share the product in person they really do speak for themselves and people love it!

  3. Marilyn

    Thanks SophE for sharing about your candles. My question is:

    You say they are about 90% natural and 10% perfumed. Are the perfumes of a natural kind or are they chemically made?

    The natural oil sounds really nice. I have one here made of beeswax which I really love.

    By the look of the candles you show in your header you have many different colours available. I could imagine they would look cool wherever you used them… there are colours to suit all decors.

    Interesting you can become a distributor also. Quite cool really.

    1. Post
      sophia kaiwi

      No problem, you’re very welcome!

      I feel that scented candles are a great way to relax and thus they should also be safe. So to answer your question, the fragrances used are not of the natural kind because the chemical makeup of the candle when going through combustion is not safe for you to inhale in fact, the company has tested it, what was interesting was that they also found that natural oils don’t give off much scent throw thus the reason for the high-quality perfumes used in the composition of these candles.

      Yes, 100% beeswax candles do have a benefit to them, on top of which they really are naturally scented though they do not have very powerful scent throw. Most importantly, if the beeswax candles are dyed or scented it is NOT a safe candle as I have found companies like to use the word pure which really means composed of 51% whether it’s beeswax or soy but even 100% soy candles contain a little paraffin in its composition you can find out more from this interesting article which actually compares beeswax to soy.

      Yes, they do come in all kinds of amazing crystalized colors that could easily go with any decor that you have in your house and I have more pictures of these candles which I will definitely be putting new images of in future posts, so stay on the lookout for those.

      There are many benefits to becoming a distributor yourself like getting discounts on these great products while also getting commissions from selling by telling about our products and building a business with residual income

  4. jo

    I sooooo love candle’s. This site is amazing have bookmarked it for future use. One question how do I buy some and do you deliver to the UK. I hope so as I make xmas hampers for my daughters in law and friends and would love to put some in their hampers.

    1. Post
      sophia kaiwi

      We here at candle chemistry love candles also and we’d like to thank you for your compliments on our website. As of right now we do not ship to the UK but are in the works of expanding our reach internationally, just a few months ago we would only ship within the U.S. but have now expanded to Alaska, Hawaii, and the rest of the US territories.

      Our business plan is to take this great product of ours even further, it really is a shame that we can’t ship further right now, but it won’t be forever we can promise you that!

      So for now please continue to spread the word of our products so when we enter your country it will expand further that much faster, as we would be glad to have you join our team so you can get these products at wholesale prices to share with your loved ones.

      We are sure that anyone you show these products to will love them and so you would also be able to make some money on the side building a team that loves these products as well and ultimately just sharing and spreading the word.

    1. Post
  5. Tony

    Hi Sophia,

    I love the sound of these gourmet candles, they sound so much nicer than the standard rubbish out there.

    It’s important that you know when you buy candles that they won’t have any adverse effects on your health (like asthma), and I love that they don’t leave many traces of soot behind!

    What scents the candles have?

    Cheers, Tony.

    1. Post
      sophia kaiwi

      I fully agree with you because I also believe allergies should be addressed for the safety of other individuals and many who may be allergic for the same reasons thus making it a huge problem for many others.

      The soot is a toxic problem all by itself and anyone can benefit from using candle brands that contain less soot when burning candles in your home.

      I know that we have about +80 different scents which I write about here in this post, that we have in the Mia Bella collection and continuing to grow every year.

  6. Andres Santos

    Nice article. Looks like your candles are a lot better than most available out there. I will definitely let my wife know about your site. We use candles everyday in our home. The price is also very reasonable. A lot better than yankee. The fact that they burn longer makes it worth the money.

    1. Post
      sophia kaiwi

      These really are great products, I’d love if your wife came over to our website and browsed around. I believe your wife would love these candles also and because these candles perform extremely well not only because they burn longer but by burning cleaner than other brands as well.

      These truly are reasonably priced and for the quality that you get out of these will be a plus for you folks, not to mention you will be able to save money because you will have to buy less product due to the performance you get out of these.

  7. Javier

    Very interesting the concept about using candles as a source health and revenue too. I always believed e that it works this kind of remedy and for those who doesn’t like to take traditional medication for asthma and other conditions, they may consider to apply this technique. Well done article

    1. Post
      sophia kaiwi

      Well, these do not replace any medication for asthma or allergies but they “are” safe to light, unlike many other brands that can trigger allergic reactions especially in sensitive people.

      Many people love scented candles and these are a healthier alternative type of candle because of the palm wax that is used, not “paraffin wax” like many other brands.

      Many soy brands also have a little paraffin (which is a by-product of petroleum) because soy wax is so soft, it needs paraffin to be able to hold it’s shape.

  8. Ramirez

    Nice one here about candles. I love the way you explain things. You give an in-dept analysis on the various kinds of candles and yeah our day to day paraffin candles are just the tip on the iceberg. I for one, have knowledge on only one kind of candle. You info will make me know the various kinds and their qualities. We will therefore be able to make better choices when buying candles.
    Thanks a lot for the info

    1. Post
      sophia kaiwi

      Thank you and we appreciate that very much! Paraffin candles have been the norm for candle usage for what seems like forever, In todays day and age everyone is looking for the safer and healthier alternative to what everyone else is doing.

      This brand has all of those bases covered. We raise awareness for our conscience consumers so they are able to make a more informed and educated decision for themselves.

  9. Travis Smithers

    A lot of the time when I have seen quality candles that look like yours, people have not used them to burn but for making nice displays.

    Each display would be for different occasions or matching the rooms that they are placed in, and the scents still travel around the room just at a much lighter aroma.

    Do people do the same with your product or do you need to light them up to get the scent.

    1. Post
      sophia kaiwi

      Yes, they truly do make nice decorations for enhancing the environment at home.

      These have a strong scent as well, even when they are not lit.

      I have a few around the house that are just opened because they still have a nice scent throw but I light them when we have get-togethers.

  10. RuthM

    Love these! They look gorgeous and I reckon they would make a really great gift.

    In fact I work part time for a Chiropractor (as their marketing person), and we are always looking for relevant gifts to give away to customers, for say, referring another customer. And Chiproactic is all about health and wellness, so these could be a good fit.

    Do you do any gift packs?

    1. Post
      sophia kaiwi

      Glad you like it…I fully agree that these candles are pretty, especially with the crystally texture that it has.

      We do have simple gift baskets or we can customize labels (first half of the page is fundraising and second half is custom labels) on jar candles…a lot of businesses like the custom labeling for client gifts.

      You can check out the links for more information and feel free to contact me with any questions.

  11. Bimmerguy

    I love this post on gourmet scented candles. My wife absolutely loves candles. Virtually every time I walk through the door, I can smell candles. I like that they are made of palm wax and are safe for people with allergies such as myself. My wife often uses candles that can be a bit irritating to my allergies so I will certainly recommend these to her!

    1. Post
      sophia kaiwi

      Thank you, I appreciate that so much. That’s great that your wife loves candles I truly believe she will find these to be very pleasing in terms of performance these smell great throughout the entire candle.

      I love when a scent is able to fill a room without that overpowering sensation that you get from many candles, my husband always says “now that gives me a headache”.

      I feel confident that you will approve of these as well!

  12. jeffrey16201

    I am a big candle lover, I purchase herbal candles. I like the herbal candles better than those old wax type of candles which don’t really smell very good.

    Your candles sound to be very healthy and pleasantly scented, next time I am in need to order candles maybe I will try your candles and see how I like them?

  13. jeffrey16201

    I am a big candle lover, I purchase herbal candles. I like the herbal candles better than those old wax type of candles which don’t really smell very good.

    Your candles sound to be very healthy and pleasantly scented, next time I am in need to order candles maybe I will try your candles and see how I like them?

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