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Not able to come in and give our scents a sniff?

That’s ok! Scroll through our descriptions and images of over 100+ scents below.

Our fragrances are made of premium oils and are incredibly true to scent!    


Absinthe is a green spirit with a complex flavor profile of green herbal notes and a hint of black licorice. It smells very green, fresh, and almost soapy with a subtle hint of spice.

Agave is a plant that grows in Mexico and is used to make Tequila!  The nectar is a natural sweetener used as an alternative to sugar, and smells slightly sweet and earthy. 

Almond smells sweet and nutty, similar to Almond liqueur or extract.  

Amber Musk smells warm and inviting, masculine, and sexy.

The Anjou Pear sounds fancy, but it's likely the pear you are most familiar with in the grocery store!  Large in size with a yellow-green skin, Anjou Pear smells subtly sweet, soft, and juicy.

Earthy and crisp, Autumn leaves smells just like jumping into a freshly raked pile of leaves.  One smell and you'll be transported right back to childhood! 

Awapuhi is an Hawaiian flower.  Slightly floral, fresh, and very tropical, it simply smells exotic - like a honeymoon in Hawaii!

Fresh and soapy clean, Baby Powder has that coveted new baby smell.    

Who doesn't love the smell of Bacon frying on the stovetop on a Saturday morning?  Smoky, meaty, and just a touch sweet, Bacon smells like...Bacon! 

Baked Bread smells just likely freshly baked dough straight from the oven!  It’s sweet, buttery, warm, and just plain comforting.

Like a freshly cut Christmas tree, Balsam Fir smells like fresh, frosty pine with hints of cedar and juniper berries.  Wonderful year-round!  

Bamboo is earthy and woodsy while still maintaining a light, spa-like quality.  


Fresh, herby, and bright, Basil smells exactly like a handful picked straight from your garden in the summer.  

Popular with many Indian dishes, Basmati Rice smells just like it tastes - light, toasty, and slightly sweet.   

Commonly used to flavor soups, stews, and other hearty dishes, Bay Leaf smells herby and slightly floral. 

The Bergamot plant smells fresh, green, and floral with a slight bitter citrus finish.  Bergamot is a great option for when you desire a floral scent, but one that tends to the green, earthy, tart end of the spectrum. 

A mixture of an ale and a stout - rich, full, silky and creamy.  As the stout sits on top, it carries hints of coffee, chocolate, and molasses. If you like our Black & Tan fragrance, you might also enjoy Bourbon and Hops!

Very sweet and juicy, just like biting into a fresh cherry in the middle of summer.    

Juicy and sweet with just a slight hint of tartness - just like a freshly picked summer Blackberry.   

Fresh and spa-like, Bonsai smells green and natural and is the perfect fragrance to create a zen mood.   

Wine lovers, rejoice!  Bordeaux is everything you love about red wine in fragrance form - juicy bright fruits with spicy notes.  

Bourbon smells just like the Kentucky Bourbon used in popular spirits - vanilla, oak, butterscotch, and smoke - warm and spicy.

Brandy is a spirit made by distilling wine and is typically enjoyed as an after-dinner drink.  It smells warm, spicy, and smooth - just like a sip tastes as it warms your soul.  

Sugary sweet, Brown Sugar smells just like it does when you are baking a fresh batch of cookies.  

Bubble Bath smells clean, soapy, fresh, and like you are relaxing in a large warm tub.  Just one smell and your stress will melt away!  This 8oz natural soy candle is hand-poured using premium ingredients. It burns clean, even, and true-to-scent for 60 hours

Sweet, warm, and caramelized with just a hint of citrus, like the hardened top of Creme Brûlée. 

If you've ever unwrapped the yellow-orange cellophane wrapper of this popular candy, then you know just how sugary sweet Butterscotch smells!  

Cake Batter smells just like a stolen lick of the spatula tastes - sugary, sweet, with a hint of vanilla - minus the calories!  

Woodsy and smoky, Campfire smells just like a cozy outdoor fire pit (don't forget the marshmallows!).  

Candy Cane is bursting with cool and fresh peppermint, just like the first lick of a red-and-white striped cane.  

You won't be breaking any laws enjoying this fragrance!  All of the smell, none of the rest.  


Caramel smells just like your favorite candy - sweet, warm, buttery, and gooey.

Cedar smells just like the antique furniture in your grandmother’s house - woodsy, light, and bright.  Ours has a hint of Vanilla Bean for added smoothness.  

Just like the popular coffeehouse beverage, Chai Tea smells warm and spicy with notes of cinnamon and cloves.  

Cheers!  Champagne is sweet, bubbly, and light, and smells like a celebration.

Buttery, sweet, and slightly acidic, like a cold glass of Chardonnay.  

Light, floral, and slightly fruity, Cherry Blossom smells just like the famous trees that bloom along the Potomac River in Washington, DC every spring.  

Our take on the festive Holiday beer, Christmas Ale has notes of cinnamon and honey, sweet red fruits, and orange peel.

Our most popular holiday scent, Christmas Tree is the classic outdoor pine scent, just like cutting down your very tree on a cold winter's day. 

Cinnamon Spice smells just like a fresh cinnamon stick - bold, spicy, and warm.  

Clothesline smells like clean, fresh linen drying out in the warm summer air.  

Warm, spicy, and slightly sweet, clove adds a strong note to many seasonal hot drinks like apple cider and Chai Tea, as well as many holiday baked goods.

Coconut smells just like freshly shaved coconut - sweet and tropical and like you’ve been transported to paradise.  

Coffee Bean smells warm and nutty and roasty, just like a fresh cup of your favorite morning Joe.  

Spicy, rich, and tart, Cranberry is a blend of cinnamon, clove and fresh cranberries.

Cucumber is light and fresh and spa-like, just like adding a fresh slice to your water.   

Dad's Den is that classic pipe tobacco smell - warm and smoky and full of memories of your grandfather.  

The perfect scent for chocoholics - rich and sweet and full of that intense cocoa smell.  

Earl Grey Tea is a black tea with a floral-like orange scent thanks to the presence of Oil of Bergamot.  It smells just like a mug of hot tea in the morning.   

If you enjoy gardening, you will love this fragrance.  It smells just like fresh potting soil - "clean" dirt! 

Elderflower smells grassy and lemony like the first early days of summer.  

English Ivy smell very clean, fresh, and earthy.  

Eucalyptus has a minty, pine, fresh, cooling, spa-like smell with a hint of honey.  

A delightful combination of peppermint and balsam fir with a hint of jasmine, First Snow perfectly captures the cool, crisp air after snow has blanketed ground.  

Frankincense is an aromatic resin obtained from very rare trees, highly valued for its therapeutic properties.  It smells woody, musky, warm, and slightly sweet. 

Gardenia is a sweet, bright, and perfume-like floral often used in wedding bouquets.

Our Georgia Peach fragrance is so juicy and sweet, you'll swear you're biting into a fresh peach at the height of the summer season!  

Ginger Ale smells just like the fizzy drink, sweet with hints of spicy ginger, fresh mint, and tart lime.

Gingerbread is warm and spicy and the slightest bit sweet, just like the baked good - a holiday season classic.  

Grapefruit smells light, citrusy, and the slightest bit tart, just like a glass of freshly squeezed juice.  

Green Tea is the ultimate spa-like scent - clean and light and palate cleansing.    

hawaiian lei

Our Hawaiian Lei fragrance is the next best thing to a Hawaiian vacation!  Tropical, floral, and sweet, one smell and you'll be transported to paradise.  

Warm, roasty, and sweet, Hazelnut is perfect for nut (and Nutella!) lovers.  

Just like the wildly popular apple variety picked straight from the brach, Honeycrisp is sweet, fruity, and warm.  

Just as its name suggests, Honeysuckle smells very floral and sweet.  

Home brewers and craft beer lovers, this fragrance is for you!  Based on the popular Centennial Hops, this scent is full of the citrus, pine, and resin notes found in many IPAs.

Hot Cocoa smells just like a steaming cup after you've been playing out in the snow as a child, full of milk chocolate and sweet vanilla.

Hydrangea has the classic floral scent of walking through a blooming garden in the early days of spring.  

Full of spice, smoke, and wood, Incense is a classic fragrance that will bring you back to your hippie days. 

Jade is light and green with a slight hint of soft floral.  

As a flower, Jasmine produces its strongest fragrance at night, when its flowers open up.  As a fragrance, you can enjoy this highly floral and perfume-like scent all day and night!


Juniper berries are a primary ingredient used to make gin.  Our Juniper fragrance resembles a gin cocktail - minty and pine-fresh, minus the sharp alcohol smell.  

No pie here - just tart, citrusy, bright, and juicy Key Lime! 

Lavender is a flowering plant that smells earthy, herbaceous, and slightly piney.  

Leather couches, Italian Leather Totes, Leather car interiors...the musky yet clean smell of Leather can simply be intoxicating.  Now you can enjoy all the fragrance without the price tag!  

Lemongrass is an herb with bright, earthy, citrus scent that is on the stronger side.  

The next best thing to eating your vegetables?  Smelling them!  Lettuce smells clean, fresh, crisp, and slightly sweet.  

Lilac is a flowering plant with a beautifully strong and sweet fragrance, and is among our most popular scents.  

 A sweet and strong floral, Lily of the Valley is a classic fragrance.  

The Lotus flower is sacred to many cultures and often symbolizes beauty and purity.  It has a clean, soft, and subtlety floral scent. 

A soft, clean, and light floral with a slight hint of citrus.  

Just like classic wood furniture, Mahogany is a warm, inviting, and a bit masculine.  

 Sweet, juicy, and tropical - just like biting into a ripe, fresh Mango.     


Maple Syrup is rich, sweet, and warm - just add pancakes!  

Bright, green, and fresh, Mint Leaf is one of our most popular herbs.  

Evergreen and fresh pine, Mistletoe smells just like the Holiday favorite hanging above many doors during the Holiday season.  It might just make you want to kiss someone!  

Morning Dew is clean and fresh and just the slightest bit earthy, an ideal spa scent. 

Mug & Brush is our homage to an old-time barbershop: tingly aftershave and musk, with the warmth of leather and wood.  

Warm, sweet, and spicy, Mulled Cider is fall in a mug.  

Myrrh is an aromatic resin obtained from very rare trees, highly valued for its therapeutic properties.  It smells earthy, woodsy, spicy, and warm.  

Warm and spicy, Nutmeg smells just like baked goods during the holidays.  

Old Books is one of our most unique scents - leathery and musky and slightly sweet, like the pages of an old book.  Perfect for those who still love the smell and feel of a real book in our digital age.  

Olive Blossom is one of our most popular fragrances.  Although it is a flower, the scent is not overly floral and instead is more earthy and sophisticated.   

More than just the juice of an orange, Orange Zest is the true essence of an orange - citrusy, part sweet, part tart, and very bright.  

Papaya smells very tropical - sweet, bright, and juicy, just like a slice of the ripe fruit.   

Often associated with the 60s and the hippie movement, the scent of Patchouli is often described as intoxicating.  It's strong, earthy, woodsy, and slightly musky. 

Pecan Pie is notorious for being the biggest calorie bomb on the Thanksgiving dessert table.  This fragrance is everything the real deal is - sweet, spicy, and nutty, minus the guilt!  

Peony is light and classically floral.   

Just as you might add freshly ground Peppercorn to your salad or eggs for a punch of flavor and spice, the scent of Peppercorn is equally warm and spicy, yet fresh.  

Peppermint Bark is a blend of minty fresh Candy Cane and milk chocolate, and smells just like the Holiday treat tastes.

Sweet, juicy and tart, our Pineapple scent is a tropical paradise.   

Earthy and green, our Pine Needles scent smells just like freshly cut pine tree.

Not quite as bold as some if its fellow nut fragrances, Pistachio smells sweet, buttery, and soft without being overpowering.

Pizzelle smells just the traditional thin Italian cookie that is served during the Holidays - sweet and warm with notes of anise (licorice).   

Pomegranate smells just like fresh Pomegranate arils (the seed pod) taste - bright, juicy, sweet, and the slightest bit tart.  

Everything you love about a Pumpkin Spice Latte, minus the latte!  Warm, spicy, and a little bit sweet, it's the fragrance of fall.  

Rain is as fresh, clean, and light as it gets - the perfect spa scent.  

Roasted Chestnut is everything we love about the Holidays - it's warm, nutty, sweet, and makes you want to curl up with a cozy blanket and a good book. 

The fragrance of romance, Rose Petals is a soft, beautiful floral that is sure to win over even the most jaded of romantics.  

Rosemary is green, earthy, and fresh - perfect for fans for this popular culinary herb.

Sandalwood is a warm and musky scent with a hint of sweetness.

Santa's Pipe is everything you love about our Dad's Den classic pipe tobacco, enhanced with the added sweetness of cherry and vanilla.  


Close your eyes and smell the salty sea air of our Sea Breeze fragrance - a ticket to paradise and instant stress reliever.  

Sea Foam is everything you love about a day at the beach, with a slightly earthier, saltier scent than our Sea Breeze fragrance.  

spiced rum

Just like a glass of the spirit itself, Spiced Rum is warm, spicy, sweet, and a little bit buttery - goes down smooth!  

Straight Razor is our homage to an old-time barbershop: tingly aftershave that smells clean, sharp and masculine.

Strawberry Jam is smells just like freshly picked strawberries in the summer with a little added sweetness, for a scent that is just like homemade jam.  

Buttery, sugary and simply sweet, Sugar Cookie is for the spoon-licker in all of us.  

Our Summer Lawn fragrance smells exactly like freshly cut grass... without bothering your allergies.

Sunflower is a beautiful, warm floral that is on the green and earthy side - like a field of Sunflowers on a sunny day.    

Highly prized for its weather-resistant and durable qualities, Teakwood smells soft, woody, and musky.

Earthy and herby, the smell of Thyme may cause cravings for roast chicken and Thanksgiving stuffing.   

There is very little that smells better than a freshly grown garden tomato on the vine, and this fragrance captures that perfectly.  

Tulip is soft and floral and smells like the first early bloom of spring.  

Unlike many other honeys, Tupelo Honey is known for relatively low sugar content. It has the distinct smell of a sticky, amber-colored honey without being overly sugary sweet, with slight hints of floral.  

Vanilla Bean is sweet, warm, and smells like baking.  

Verbena is a bright, green flowering plant with citrusy lemon notes.   

No - this fragrance doesn't smell like fish!  It smells like Wasabi - spicy, clean, fresh and green with hints of ginger and thyme.  One of our founder's favorites!

Watermelon is summery, juicy, and bright.    

This sweet and creamy vanilla scent is the perfect sundae topping - and fragrance.  


White Christmas smells like a cold, snowy, relaxing day, with notes of Balsam Fir, Pine Needles, Cedar, and Eucalyptus.

Yuzu is an Asian citrus fruit commonly used in Japanese cuisine.  It smells like a mix of grapefruit and orange, and is great for those looking for a well-balanced citrus scent.